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9 Innovative B2B Website Designs to Spark Your Design Creativity

When I visit a website, I want to be wowed! It should look beautiful and effortless at the same time. There are details big (like layout) and small (like typography) that can make or break the appeal of a website. It is not an easy task to accomplish. But hey, web design is an art! When I finally found websites that caught my eye, I had to share them with you all. Their use of animation, minimalism, and engaging landing pages was refreshing. I was inspired to think about design from new angles along with web design trends in 2017.

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Hope you will be inspired, too! Here are the 9 companies that have crafted the most eye-pleasing B2B website designs.

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17 Best SaaS Companies to Disrupt The Software Market


A few years ago, SaaS was a term that was known to only a few industry experts involved in the niche market.

Now, we are seeing a sharp rise in the number of Software-as-a-Service companies and their revenues.

One estimate by AngelList, a platform for users to apply for and invest in start up companies, lists over 11,000 SaaS companies in the United States alone.

Businesses with cloud computing solutions continue to grow their share of the software market, with a projected $50 billion in total revenue by 2018, per a report from Forbes.

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We wanted to teach you the value that SaaS has in your business life in a wide range of areas.

Here is our list of the best SaaS companies. Let's dive into the details!


Webbege Must-Read Marketing Blogs: Premiere Edition

Information here, information there, information everywhere! But, which information is most relevant to your digital marketing, SEO, or web design needs? The staff at Webbege has you covered. We have gained much knowledge from these blogs to stay current with trends and tools across the digital landscape. Like us, you will find value in checking out these detailed, electronic resources. Here is our debut list of staff-picked, best marketing blogs, articles and guides from around the Web. Enjoy!

Marketing SEO

Using Organic SEO and PPC to Grow Your Business in 2017

Instead of focusing on either Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC), we found that using both SEO and PPC in 2017 will maximize visitors to your website. Just think about how you search the Web. Go to Google and search "SEO San Diego". When the results appear, there is a 70% chance that you ignore the paid search results.

In this case, the unpaid, or natural, search results take precedence over paid advertisements. On the other hand, PPC is enticing when you are shopping on Amazon.com and see related products. Let us show you why using these two powerful tools together will grow your web traffic.

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Average Cost of a Website 2017

Hiring a professional company to do your next web development project can be daunting. There are several charges you need to both review and consider when setting up a website for your company. Here are some tips on hiring a developer and a break down of the cost of a website in 2017.

Web Design

11 Dynamic Web Design Trends for 2017

Through better responsiveness and bold typography, color, and graphics, web design in 2017 promises to be an exciting field for designers and for web users. Expect friendly animations, pleasing colors, and microinteractions to create a memorable experience as a user.

For designers, new technologies and methodologies will quicken the design process and enable intricate layouts to be achieved through simple principles. Importantly, users will be able to more easily find these revitalized websites through Google AdWords changes in 2017. Here are the most dynamic ways that web design trends for 2017 will progress. 

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Will Google AdWords Changes In 2017 Affect SEO And PPC?


As 2016 comes to a close, SEO and PPC experts are beginning to prepare for the upcoming year. This means that just as they did in light of the pro-mobile changes in 2013, they are starting to adjust their campaigns to accommodate for the upcoming changes to Google AdWords. Beginning on January 31, 2017 Google AdWords will be switching from standard to expanded ads. 

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Business Website Design: Wrapping It All Up


If you kept up with our Business Website Design blogging series, this is the final step of the website design process. It’s now time to keep up with the maintanance and content. Creating a timeline for scheduled postings, maintenance and updates is great to keep your website ahead of your competition. As said in the Inbound Methodology blog, collecting emails is a crucial piece of your online marketing. Organize your contacts in lists, and separate them out. This will help you prepare and send out email blasts by knowing where everyone is at in the Buyer’s Journey.

Make sure to check on your site biweekly, and update your website metrics. Keep in touch with your marketing team to make sure you’re on the right path and reaching your goals. Always update your SMART goals, and re-evaluate your goals as necessary. If you have more questions, get a free marketing review from Webbege- we'd love to help!

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Business Website Design: Web Design - Where does it all fit?

You are probably ready to create a new website or have been thinking about one, so let's design this bad boy! Before you run to your computers and crank out code, let’s take a step back. Gather your team, some paper, a pen and maybe a graphic designer to draw out your website! You know the old saying: “Measure twice. Cut once.” Well, it works with website building, too. Design first. Redesign second. Code third.

If you have not already, check out our previous Business Website Design blogs. They give you an oppurtunity to Create A Buyer Persona, distinguish an Inbound Methodology strategy, and Plan Out Your SEO. I urge you do so before taking on this step of web design!

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Getting Started with WordPress: Tips and Tricks for Your B2B Website

In the digital marketplace, every business needs a website. But many B2B companies struggle to create their site or are not sure where to start. Many small to medium businesses rely on WordPress to create and manage their site. Whether you have already have a WordPress blog or are just getting started with WordPress, this tutorial will help you with the basic elements of creating your WordPress website.