Will Google AdWords Changes In 2017 Affect SEO And PPC?
  • By Khalil Kanbar
  • March 8, 2017

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As 2016 comes to a close, SEO and PPC experts are beginning to prepare for the upcoming year. This means that just as they did in light of the pro-mobile changes in 2013, they are starting to adjust their campaigns to accommodate for the upcoming changes to Google AdWords. Beginning on January 31, 2017 Google AdWords will be switching from standard to expanded ads. 

Google Adwords 2017 


What Are The New Expanded Ads? 

As Google AdWords continues to focus on a mobile-first approach, it will be changing a few key components of AdWords. First and foremost it will be introducing expanded ads. This enhanced type of advertisement will allow AdWords users to increase the length of text that is used within each of their ads. The additional advertisement Real Estate is meant to increase audience engagement on mobile devices, as well as tablets. It is important to note that the expanded ads will still be available on both the Google Display and the Google Search Network. Like the standard ads, the new expanded ads will be supported by the current AdWords tools.


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What Are The Key Differences For Google AdWords In 2017?

Whether you choose to focus on San Diego SEO and PPC or are looking to use Google AdWords for a national campaign, there are a few key differences that you should keep in mind. 

  • Expanded ads will appear to be 47 percent larger than the current text ads.
  • Expanded text ads will feature two adjacent headline fields with a maximum number of 30 characters per field. The ads will also feature one 80-character description field.
  • Google AdWords will give users the option to use both a final URL, as well as up to two new option path fields for use within the display URL. 
  • Desktop and mobile formats will be automatically generated, which eliminates the need to select a mobile device setting when creating or editing a text ad.
  • Perhaps most importantly, expanded ads will be optimized for mobile platforms.


In short, Google AdWords' anticipated changes should help users to improve the click through ratings on each of their ads. The idea behind the changes is that the more text a user sees, the greater the visibility, and the higher the likelihood that they will click to learn more or click to purchase on their mobile devices. For additional guidance with your 2017 Google AdWords campaigns, contact San Diego web design and digital marketing firm, Webbege today. 
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