Business Website Design: The Buyer Persona and You
  • By Khalil Kanbar
  • October 31, 2017

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We all want the best website for our business. Many companies spend countless hours working to make sure their websites include information on every aspect of what they do. But even with all of this information presented to potential customers, leads are just not being generated. What could be preventing potential customers from becoming leads? In this B2B Website Design blog series, we will explain everything you will need for your next website project.



Marketing your website is not just creating content and advertising yourself. While that is what we were always led to believe, the purpose of your site goes deeper - it should be your 24/7 salesperson. You created a website to show yourself to the world, but not just anyone in the world. You want to show yourself to a specific group of people who will be interested in your product. So, it may be time to redesign your web strategy.


Who is this for? How do you want to represent it?

When thinking about these questions, many companies present their content and information from the way they would like to see it, not necessarily what it is. It may look magnificent in your eyes, but it might look boring or intimidating to your potential customers! Remember, at the end of the day you are not buying your product: the visitor is going to be buying it and probably has no idea who you are. Instead of just putting information out there for anyone, sit with your team, and create a buyer persona.


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Creating a buyer persona will help you throughout your design of the website. Figure out what potential pains and questions a visitor or buyer may have or ask for a search engine.

For example, if you sell and repair pools, potential customers may search Google for “how to maintain a pool,” “cost of owning a pool,” or “how to repair a pool.” They are then directed to your website to relieve their pain or find out more information. After gaining your trust, they may return to your website for more tips or even browse around to see more information about what services you offer!

All of your information should focus on customer’s challenges listed in each buyer's persona. Most businesses create content around how great their product or service is. It is human nature to want to talk about yourself and how you are unique. But, if you shift the focus from yourself to your customer, you will create a better connection with your audience, getting more of their attention and trust by providing value.

This is the first step in many to creating the perfect web design for your company. Do not stress and rush straight into a design or content because you may miss key features. This will ultimately cause a downfall later in your website building adventure and set you back further! Make sure to stay tuned for the next blog on Business Website Design or download the full guide here! Be sure to check out more offers we give, as a San Diego Web Design and SEO company, we offer free reviews on your marketing efforts.


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Khalil Kanbar
Khalil Kanbar
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