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  • April 1, 2020

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Marketing Web Design

Business Website Design: The Buyer Persona and You

We all want the best website for our business. Many companies spend countless hours working to make sure their websites include information on every aspect of what they do. But even with all of this information presented to potential customers, leads are just not being generated. What could be preventing potential customers from becoming leads? In this B2B Website Design blog series, we will explain everything you will need for your next website project.

Marketing SEO

How To Blog: Optimize For On-Page SEO

After writing a blog, most people never go back to optimize your post for search. Most people obsess over how many keywords to include for SEO. How about try to keep things natural? If there are opportunities to incorporate keywords you're targeting, and it won't impact reader experience, do it. If you can make your URL shorter and more keyword-friendly, go for it. But don't cram keywords or shoot for some arbitrary keyword density -- Google looks out for tactics like this. Here's a little reminder of what you can and should look for. Be sure to also check out our blog SEO vs SEM for more information.


How To Blog: Formatting and Visual Optimization


Writing the post might be the hardest part of the whole process. Now that you’ve got that done, let’s shift our focus to editing the blog. This is very important on the creation of your blog. You can have great content and advice to offer, but if not structured properly and carefully people may get confused causing them to leave. The worst thing to give your readers is a page of word vomit. Take the time to create a visually pleasing layout, create tags and topics to organize your blogs, add an image, and put a CTA to keep them hooked!



How To Blog: Organizing and Writing Content


Organizing and writing content for a blog is the hardest and most crucial part of blogging. One part that most bloggers struggle with is how to capture the reader with a catchy intro paragraph, then trying to keep the reader's focus on the blog without them closing out! Here are a few tips on introduction writing, outlining, and blogging! 


How To Blog: Creating Topics and Working Title

  A challenge many people face when writing blogs is what the topic should be and creating a title. Creating topics for your blog is a long process because you want to grab the users without boring them with redundant or useless information. Here we will give you some helpful hints and tips on utilizing the buyer persona and creating great ideas.


How To Blog: Understanding Your Audience

If there is one takeaway from this blog, it should be to know your audience. Your customers have concerns, they have questions, and they have a desire to learn. Building buyer personas will help organize information on your audience and provide you with everything you need to write content that will give value to them. These personas will drive the focus of all content pieces, helping you create messaging that connects with your customers.


How to Identify Your Target Audience

Whether you are trying to directly boost your bottom line with a marketing campaign, or just trying to scoop in as many top-of-funnel leads as possible, understanding to whom you are talking is an essential first step. Before you set goals and start crafting your compelling messages, follow this four-step process for identifying your target audience.


How do you start marketing a B2B company?

Businesses spending money on advertising or online marketing won't succeed without parameters and a cohesive strategy.

It's important to begin with the essential measures of success. Avoid the temptation to focus on the number of visitors or hits your site receives from money spent on Pay-Per-Click Advertising through Google AdWords or Promoted Posts on Facebook!

Insider Marketing

4 Steps to Close the Loop Between Marketing and Sales

Marketers put a lot of work into their online campaigns, making it essential to track and report the results in order to determine what’s working and what isn’t. An important part of this process is “closing the loop” between marketing and sales. This means that the sales team reports to the marketing team regarding what happened to the leads they’ve received so that they can better understand which sources are the best for bringing in quality leads.


Why You Need to Communicate Value to Your Customers


How to Communicate Core Values of Your Company

With the competitive nature of today’s marketplace, it’s essential that brands set themselves apart from the competition. One way to do this is by communicating the value of your company to your visitors. Content marketing is a valuable opportunity to create compelling content that offers real value to your prospective customers.