Why You Need to Communicate Value to Your Customers
  • By Khalil Kanbar
  • March 9, 2017

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How to Communicate Core Values of Your Company

With the competitive nature of today’s marketplace, it’s essential that brands set themselves apart from the competition. One way to do this is by communicating the value of your company to your visitors. Content marketing is a valuable opportunity to create compelling content that offers real value to your prospective customers.


Why Communicating Value is Essential

Though you certainly know the value of your company’s products or services, these are not immediately apparent to a person who has just been introduced to your brand. The best way to connect with prospects and nurture leads is by communicating the value of what you sell. If visitors do not quickly find out how your company can solve their biggest issues or what they will get out of using your products/services then they may leave the site, and your brand has just lost the opportunity to close a sale.


Ways to Better Communicate Value to Visitors

Whether you are giving a brief overview of a relevant topic on your blog or providing a more in-depth, step-by-step guide in the form of an e-book, content marketing allows you to communicate the value of your brand in various ways. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you develop content.

  • Make it clear that you understand your potential customer’s motivations. Visitors are more likely to read and respond to your content if they can recognize that you understand the challenges they face. Connecting with readers through this mutual understanding helps build trust and positive brand recognition.
  • Discuss benefits over features. Communicate to the customer in language that they understand by translating what you do into what value it offers customers. This helps visitors better understand how your product or service can significantly impact their lives.
  • Develop content that emphasizes education over selling. Most people know when they are being sold to. Rather than using sales language to elevate your brand, develop content that educates readers about their biggest needs and challenges. This is infinitely more valuable than vague language that promises a certain outcome.

Overall, communicating value to your customers helps you empower them to make smarter buying decisions. This is the best way to build lifelong customer relationships while encouraging each visitor to have a positive buying experience.

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Khalil Kanbar
Khalil Kanbar
Khalil joined in 2016 and brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing and all things Ramen. Khalil stays up to date on best practices in marketing to ensure everything he does is current and effective. He played rugby at UCSD as a hooker and takes that discipline, focus and teamwork from the field to his work.