Know What Your Website Brainstorming is Missing? All Your Teams
  • By Brent Younger
  • November 28, 2017

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If your website is supposed to be "the face" of your entire company, why does website development often involve only web developers and marketers? Your entire business can't be well-represented by such a small subset of workers. It's time to even out the playing field to plan your website.

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In this post, we show you how every team can make a meaningful contribution to your website brainstorming session. By the end, you'll have a better understanding of why high-performing websites have content for every possible website visitor. Let's point out the benefits of each team!

Information Technology Techies

Coworkers with a laptop

Of course, you'll want your IT team at the website planning session. They have the technical skills and knowledge to bring your website to life. In addition, they are great at finding out whether ideas are feasible or not. Matching use cases with technologies that are affordable, scalable, secure, and user-friendly is an important way that your IT team can push forward with your new website. For future website maintenance and updates, you'll want to keep this team heavily involved to keep your website running without a hitch.

Marketing Machines

Marketing team meeting

Your marketing team will likely be the ones using your website the most. A company website is a major vehicle to drive online traffic. It is the central place that attracts visitors and starts the process of conversion of qualified leads for your sales team to close. But, this process of attracting and nurturing leads needs personalization. It's up to the marketing team to clearly plan out your company's buyer personas and the buyer journey to make your website engaging, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly.

Sales Champions

Sales team having meeting

As Thomas Watson, Sr., former chairman and CEO of IBM, once said, "Nothing happens until a sale is made." After all, every business has the final goal of growing revenue. Sales reps are highly attuned to the needs of customers. Closing more deals may mean sales enablement tools, documents, processes, and other collateral on your website. Bring your sales team to your website brainstorming session to discover exactly what sales enablement collateral your website needs to handoff leads from your marketing to sales team. 

Customer Support Advocates

Female customer support agent

Not every customer may have a smooth time partnering with a business. This trouble is where customer support teams come to the rescue. They have heard and documented common troubles from users out in the field. What a valuable source of information! You can utilize this information to create better products. Better yet, your customer support reps can help you create a robust help center for your customers and knowledge base for your workers!

Executive Leaders

Group of business executivesExecutive leadership will always have the final say in your website budget. Take the first step and invite them to your website brainstorming sessions to find out their goals. These goals can drive the overall direction of your website development, whether in style, content, or functionality. Bringing together your business's leaders and department reps will better align corporate messaging. A clear message communicated throughout your website will also give a professional image to your brand.

How to Get Your Teams on the Same Page

No matter the role that a person has at your company, they can provide valuable insight into your new website. It's about taking the time to listen. Record every team's input and avoid passing judgment.

The process may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But, you can use our guide to website planning and costs to make your website brainstorming much easier. Learn how to match what you want on your fresh site with what you have in your budget.

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Did we miss any other teams that can contribute to your website planning? Share your comment below!


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