5 Essential Google AdWords Benefits for Your Marketing Strategy
  • By Brent Younger
  • November 27, 2017

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Digital marketing is like running a marathon. You can't see the end when you start. It's a long way to the finish. But, you know that training and staying focused can give you the best chance of reaching the finish line.

Just like running a faster marathon, Google AdWords closes the feedback loop. It shows you in real-time how your advertisements are performing and how much they cost. No more guesswork for you and your team! The ROI is immediate, and we all like immediate actions. 

In this post, we cover the essential Google AdWords benefits for your marketing strategy. By the end, you'll understand how this popular tool can provide the insights and capabilities to raise your team's ROI. We'll go over each benefit in detail.

5 Essential Google AdWords Benefits

When you realize how much more effective your marketing campaigns will be with this tool, you'll be kicking yourself for not using it earlier. We highlight just the tip of the iceberg; there's so much more for you to explore about fine-tuning your marketing strategy!

1. Fits with Any Budget

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This paid marketing tool is popular with enterprises and small businesses alike. There are a bunch of reasons for that. The first reason is cost. You can tailor your marketing budget to the highest degree using this software from Google. In a traditional marketing channel, you would pay a large amount of money up-front.

Hoping for a good ROI would keep you stressed out and uncertain. Instead, one essential benefit of Google AdWords is that you only pay when a person clicks on your advertisement. This is the ultimate way of being cost-effective; you are only paying when your ad successfully gets your business a lead!

You have control over your AdWords campaigns to set the exact price that you're willing to pay. No more, no less. Whether you can afford a few dollars or several thousand, this tool gives you the flexibility to fit your budget.

2. Specific to Certain Audiences

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Digital marketing is truly global. People from every corner of the world are shopping, sharing content, and interacting online. The results from all of these interactions are massive amounts of data. It's a challenge to sift through the noise and find exactly what you need.

That is, finding how to communicate your brand in the best light to your potential customers. We already know that personalization has been a rising trend in e-commerce and online business in general. But, targeting a specific audience with a specific message is well within the capabilities of AdWords.

You can drill down to find the exact audience that you're looking for, such as people in a certain age range, speaking a certain language or living in a certain geographic location. Mixing and matching your options can get your message to the right buyer at the right time and increase your ROI.

3. Real-Time Performance Tracking 

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Time is short and, as they say, "time is money!" We have to make every second count in the digital marketing arena. The mind-boggling amount of digital transactions that happen every day--estimated at 150 million--means that digital marketers need real-time insights.

By setting up and running campaigns in AdWords, you can track how your marketing efforts are doing in-depth and at any time. Cost-per-click, pay-per-click, and impressions are just a few of the many metrics that are viewable.

Another favorite is the Attribution Reporting, which helps you find where your paid advertisement traffic is being generated from. This is great to know because you can start to funnel your resources to your highest performing channels and optimize your marketing strategy. Experimentation is just another part of a digital marketer's life. 

4. In-Depth Keyword Planning 

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This is where the research skills that you learned in school writing history and English essays pay off. When it comes to SEO and SEM, the name of the game is targeted keyword planning. These keywords are what you build your marketing strategy around. Think of them as the foundation to build your digital marketing tower.

AdWords gives you the tools to carry out detailed keyword research. With just a few clicks, you can find the number of times that people search for a given keyword each month (volume) as well as how hard it is to rank highly on Google's search engine for that keyword (competition). Also, you get handy information on the cost-per-click for a query.

In total, these metrics tell you what language to use to craft your paid ads and an idea of the results that you can expect, based on historical figures. If you're stuck, the software can recommend keywords specific to your product or solution.

5. Bid Against Your Competition

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Business relies on knowing what makes your competition tick as much as your customers. Figuring out why a competitor succeeds can help you better align your marketing strategy as your industry grows and changes. Yet, this knowledge isn't just out in the thin air for any to take.

Your business should use AdWords let you take on your competition head-to-head by bidding. There are only so many paid ads that can be placed on Google and other major search engines. To even out the competition, AdWords uses "ad auctions" to permit different parties to bid on search terms. And no, the largest company doesn't always win.

In fact, AdWords takes into consideration a bunch of factors to decide the bid with the highest relevancy. This means that you can win bids against your competition by having a website with better SEO, a high-performing landing page, or previous bids with high click-through rates. It's a chance for the smaller companies to compete (and win!) against the larger companies.

More Than Just the Essentials

The essential benefits of Google AdWords are just that--the "barebone" advantages. What other ways do you see Google AdWords supporting your marketing efforts? Share your comment below.

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