How To Blog: Understanding Your Audience
  • By Khalil Kanbar
  • October 31, 2017

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If there is one takeaway from this blog, it should be to know your audience. Your customers have concerns, they have questions, and they have a desire to learn. Building buyer personas will help organize information on your audience and provide you with everything you need to write content that will give value to them. These personas will drive the focus of all content pieces, helping you create messaging that connects with your customers.



What is a Buyer Persona?

Let’s pretend your company provides software that allows for the online registration of new patients for doctors offices. An example persona would be the office manager, who would most likely handle the new patient registration, as well as many other office tasks. The office manager is typically someone who wears many hats and faces many challenges throughout the day. Making sure everything sticks to the daily schedule is critical in keeping the practice running smoothly. Overcoming issues like late patient's, last minute cancellations, and rescheduling due to medical risks can create havoc in the practice.


That sounds like a lot of information, and most people will stop trying to figure out their target audience once they get their job title, and job description. It is very crucial to examine all parts of the persona from their job, salary, location, company, even demographics and hobbies. This will become useful when trying to create content that revolves around your audience.


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What will be relevant to them?

Some blog posts that your readers may find useful might include giving tips on creating contingency plans to overcome some of these issues. Remember, most of your visitors should be searching what your blog is trying to fix. For the example earlier, the office manager may search “how to schedule patients correctly.” A great blog title to solve this pain would be “5 Tips On Scheduling Patients.” It’s clear, precise, and gets straight to what they will need. Put yourself in your persona’s shoes and do research on what they will most likely look up during the day.


Remember, this is just one part of many on creating important and ultimate blogs. Be sure to check out the next section for more information, or download the complete Ultimate Blogging GuideAs one of the leads in San Diego SEO and Web Design, we are here to help!


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