How To Blog: Creating Topics and Working Title
  • By Khalil Kanbar
  • October 31, 2017

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 A challenge many people face when writing blogs is what the topic should be and creating a title. Creating topics for your blog is a long process because you want to grab the users without boring them with redundant or useless information. Here we will give you some helpful hints and tips on utilizing the buyer persona and creating great ideas.


How To Blog


Creating A Topic: 

Start by choosing a general topic centered around a challenge your reader faces. We recommend brainstorming a few topics and saving them in a spreadsheet for future posts. We have a template that will help you organize and schedule all the topics you create during this phase. 


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Blogging Calendar


If you run out of topic ideas, don't stress!

It is also good to turn one idea into many. Change the scope of the topic to take the same idea and apply it to a different medium. For example, we take the post we previously created and change it to “5 tips to overcome appointment no-shows.” Another way to reuse ideas is to shift to a different persona. The previous post was for the office manager; this time, we will write about the same topic for our doctor persona. Lastly, we recommend changing the format. The previous post listed five tips, maybe our next post will be an infographic, or become a checklist.


Remember, your old content can be a goldmine. Take a blog you posted earlier, and find a part that you can go more into more depth. For example if you are a medical company and your blog is “Finding The Right Staff For You Practice.”, try writing a blog about the most effective way to communicate between staff. That’s two ideas around the same topic and you can create an internal link!


Create A Working Title: 

The next step is creating a title that will attract your new visitors. A working title is a broad pitch of what your topic will be. Create a title that will solve your visitors problems. Most people will find your blog through organic search. Find out what kind of questions your persona’s will type in a search engine and turn it into an answer. This will help you gather ideas for content and get you started in knowing what you want to write in your blog.


You can have multiple working titles to start off. This will help you get ideas for different topics and create a great blog. This won’t be your final one so do not spend too much time trying to create it! 

By now you should be able to identify your buyer persona and what you want your blog to be focused on. Remember to check out our next blog on Organizing and Writing Content. You can also download the full Ultimate Blogging Guide below. As one of the leads in San Diego SEO and Web Design, we are here to help!


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Khalil Kanbar
Khalil Kanbar
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