Getting Started with WordPress: Tips and Tricks for Your B2B Website
  • By Khalil Kanbar
  • March 8, 2017

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In the digital marketplace, every business needs a website. But many B2B companies struggle to create their site or are not sure where to start. Many small to medium businesses rely on WordPress to create and manage their site. Whether you have already have a WordPress blog or are just getting started with WordPress, this tutorial will help you with the basic elements of creating your WordPress website.


Getting Started With Wordpress | San Diego Web Design


Getting Started with WordPress.

1. Create a plan.

Before you can jump into creating your B2B website on WordPress, you need to make sure that you have a detailed plan. This plan should include a variety of information about the website that you intend to make, including web hosting and domain name info. You can start developing a web design plan by asking yourself these questions:

  • How will you organize your content?
  • Which pages will you add to your site? (About Me, Contact, Services, etc.)
  • What kind of images and header art will you use on your site?
  • Have you created a content strategy for the types of content you will create?
  • How will you integrate social media into your WordPress site


2. Install and Set Up WordPress.

After you have installed WordPress, you will want to set up the site so that it will work the way that you want it to. Create your user profile information and set the site name and other information required. You can then begin adding pages such as “About,” “Services,” “Contact,” and any other pages that you have decided to include when creating your website plan.


3. Choose a B2B WordPress Theme.

After you have the basic layout complete and added all of the necessary information, you can now chance the look and feel of your WordPress website with WordPress themes. There are a number of free and paid WordPress themes to choose from. These themes make it easier to create an attractive and user-friendly website for those who are not familiar with HTML, XHTML, and CSS. If you want to go the extra mile, you can learn to customize these themes to tailor some aspects of the theme to the website you are creating.


4. Make use of WordPress Plugins.

WordPress plugins give you more options and help add more functionality and capability to your website. These plugins have been created to help with a variety of things. For instance, there are SEO plugins that help you optimize your content for search engines and plugins that allow you to include a weather report right on your website. Find plugins that allow you to add the functionality you need to your site.

If you find WordPress to be difficult or do not have the time to manage your own B2B website for yourself, you may want to hire a San Diego web design firm. Webbege is a digital marketing company offering San Diego SEO services, web development, inbound marketing, and WordPress web design. As WordPress experts, we can design a beautiful website for your company while also created the backend tools to make management simple. Not sure if your website needs help? Sign up for a free digital marketing consultation today.

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