Negative Effects of Ignoring Marketing Operations
  • By Frank Geraci
  • July 23, 2018

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Marketing operations, or MOs, are essentially designed to create demand for the various products and services that an organization offers. Though MO is a fairly broad term, these operations are typically designed to streamline efficiency and use data to analyze trends and insight.

Unfortunately, not all organizations use marketing operations well. Some just flat-out neglect it altogether, which can be very damaging in today’s increasingly digital age. Those who neglect it often pay the price.

Here are a few of the most negative effects associated with ignoring marketing operations.


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Issue #1: Lack of Customer Understanding

One of the hallmarks of inbound marketing is meeting the customers where they are— in other words, you are familiar enough with the struggles your prospects face that you’re able to offer them the answers they need.  If you don’t have the operations in place that help you track, analyze, and interpret customer behavior, it’s a lot harder to give them what they want when they want it.

Your customers have a lot of different options available to them. Understanding what your customers need will set you apart from your competitors, ensuring that you’re the first choice when it comes time to make a decision.


Issue #2: No Roadmap

You recognize that you need data to understand your customers to create effective content, but did you know that you need data to measure the efficacy of that content?

If you’re not using data to your advantage, then it’s likely that it’s working against you. Using web analytics, data helps measure how effective certain initiatives are with consumers, and analyzing this data frequently can mean the difference between a successful strategy and a waste of your time.

Data allows companies to make changes to initiatives on the fly. Organizations can fix what’s not resonating with their customers or put additional resources toward what is working, at a moment’s notice. Without an MO roadmap, time and money are likely wasted.


Issue #3: Failure to Choose the Right Technology

The technology you choose can have a big impact on your company’s success. It’s important to make a detailed list of what you require as well as the amount of money you’re willing (and able) to spend before you take the leap and choose a platform for your business.

Here’s the good news: it’s possible to integrate your new technology with your pre-existing systems. Say, for instance, you choose to use HubSpot for your marketing needs, but you don’t want to manually transfer all of your existing data into the platform. A custom integration can help you move information with ease, making it easier than ever to manage a variety of applications.

Many functions of marketing operations are streamlined via automation, which allows tasks to be completed quickly and effectively. However, if the right tools aren’t incorporated and used to their full potential, the end result is going to be unfavorable. Taking the time to find the best tech for your needs will save you time and money in the long run.

An estimated eight out of 10 businesses fail by the start of their second year of operations – and marketing operations, or lack thereof, have a lot to do with this.

What type of organization do you want to be? Blockbuster Video, a company that failed to adapt to the times and compete with video-on-demand and streaming services? Borders Books & Music, which folded after failing to come up to speed in the new digital age?

Or do you want a company that is proactive, forward thinking and efficient? That’s what a good MO can do for you.


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Frank Geraci
Frank Geraci
Frank started Webbege in 2010 after a lifetime of designing websites and online marketing campaigns. He loves to swim, bike, and run when he is not slaving away behind the computer. Frank’s commitment to standards, industry knowledge and ability to push through, until the job is done, is rare. The web has changed a lot since the late 90's and Frank takes a lifetime of experience to create effective online marketing campaigns.