It's Past Time to Hone Your Mobile Marketing
  • By Frank Geraci
  • April 16, 2020

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Mobile marketing is a significant part of any successful digital marketing plan. Investment in a strong SEO and PPC game plan are two other important factors. This strategy starts with your potential customers, specifically how they consume digital media and search online. If you ignore how your customers search online, you may find it hard to increase your online visibility. To understand this trend, it is helpful to review some facts about mobile Internet use.

Mobile Marketing


People spend more time online on their mobile devices than on desktops and laptops

As early as April 2015, ComScore reported that mobile Internet use had finally surpassed Internet access on laptops and desktops. A separate study in October 2016 by Internet monitoring firm StatCounter found Internet usage to be tilted in favor of mobile and tablet over desktop by a slim margin of 51.3% to 48.7%. Since 2010, the use of mobile phones to search the Web has increased by about 400 percent; in the same time period, tablet use has soared by almost 1800 percent. Out of this group of mobile device users, there is a growing amount that use their phone or tablet exclusively to get online.

Responsive Website Design 

Google began rewarding responsive websites and mobile apps

Also in April 2015, Google informed Webmasters about the impact of mobile searches. In a search update that some SEO experts cois "Mobilegeddon," the search engine company began to use mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in their search search engine results page (SERPS). Besides awarding ranking points for responsive website designs, Google also said that they would favor mobile apps over websites with no mobile apps.


What We Learned

If you haven't responded to these changes in the way that people now get online, it's likely that your share of Internet visitors has begun to shrink at a steady rate. Making sure that your website design works well on all types of computers is the first step towards getting those visitors back. You should also make certain that your emails have been formatted so they can be read on small screens as well as large ones because people are using their phones and tablets more to check their emails as well.

What have been your experiences with mobile marketing? We would love to hear about them in the comment seciton, below.


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Frank Geraci
Frank Geraci
Frank started Webbege in 2010 after a lifetime of designing websites and online marketing campaigns. He loves to swim, bike, and run when he is not slaving away behind the computer. Frank’s commitment to standards, industry knowledge and ability to push through, until the job is done, is rare. The web has changed a lot since the late 90's and Frank takes a lifetime of experience to create effective online marketing campaigns.