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  • April 1, 2020

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HubSpot Integration Wordpress Integration

Enhance WordPress Editor Tools with HubSpot Content

You’ve built a beautiful site in WordPress. It’s simple, streamlined, eye-catching, and easy to digest. But is your website working for you? Without adding some built-in tools that can grow your business, your website is a lot like publishing a newspaper of days gone by; it’s there, and it provides information, but it’s not engaging with your readers, and it’s not converting readers into leads, connecting with them, or answering their questions.

Hub2Word HubSpot Integration Wordpress Integration

HubSpot Integration for WordPress

WordPress is a hugely popular CMS (content management system) platform. In fact, it’s now the most dominant website platform used on the internet. 35% of the internet has been created on or is powered by WordPress, and its widespread use continues to spread. It’s available in over 100 languages. There are 455,000,000 websites using WordPress right now.

HubSpot Integration Wordpress Integration

How to Make Managing Wordpress & HubSpot Content Easier

One of the reasons we love WordPress is just how flexible it is. This is probably why it’s so popular too. Just in 2016, 75 million websites were using WordPress, with 409 million people viewing 23.6 billion pages each month. And there’s a big reason for that. With the option of adding thousands of open-source plugins, there’s not much you can’t do in WordPress.

HubSpot Integration Wordpress Integration

Closing the Gap Between HubSpot and WordPress

We are currently living in a very divisive world, which can leave us all feeling like we have to choose a side in everything we see and do—even the color of a dress or what’s being said in a sound recording.
But this doesn’t have to extend to your brand’s website and inbound marketing platforms.

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A No-Hassle Way to Embed HubSpot Forms & CTAs: Hub2Word

Have you ever tried to embed a form on your WordPress site, but HubSpot made it all wonky? Yeah. Us too. It’s a hassle when you’re trying to get something done on your site.

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Streamline HubSpot Searches with Hub2Word

Do you use WordPress as your CMS? If you do, you’re like 30% of all web publishers in the world. And if you also use HubSpot, read on.


WordPress Doesn't Play Nice with HubSpot. Here's Why.

HubSpot and WordPress are two of the most popular software solutions in the world. WordPress powers 30% of all websites on the internet and HubSpot has 56,000 business customers with millions of users around the globe.

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Negative Effects of Ignoring Marketing Operations

Marketing operations, or MOs, are essentially designed to create demand for the various products and services that an organization offers. Though MO is a fairly broad term, these operations are typically designed to streamline efficiency and use data to analyze trends and insight.

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SEO and PPC in 2018

Your organic SEO, SEM, paid search and AdWords strategies must be updated consistently for optimal results. Last year’s tactics are already going stale. Which of your strategies that worked in 2017 are no longer effective in 2018? Let's take a look.


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