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  • July 19, 2018

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To WWW redirect or Not to WWW Redirect

Most people ask whether www.yourdomain.com is better than yourdomain.com. The answer is up to you! It is considered good practice with SEO and your visitors to be consistent with your URL. Consistency is what matters. Most people type www before they enter a domain name- but did you know, www is technically a subdomain of your domain? Redirecting to www or non-www will make your URLs more consistent.

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Design Roofing Corp Makes Top 3 Ranking in Under 1 Month

That's right! Webbege was able to take Design Roofing Corp to the top in less than a month. We are so excited to share this exciting news with you all!

We helped clean up some SEO issues that Design Roofing Corp faced after the Google Penguin update. We spent the time to contact sites that had improper links and worked with them to remove DHR spam. We then re-indexed them with both Google and Bing. We did a little work on their site (even made it responsive!) and began to work hard on getting them to appear in more and more searches.

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How to Start/Stop Apache Using Centos Linux

Let's set the scene: Maybe you reconfigured your virtual hosts, or maybe you have a memory leak that is killing resources and you need to restart the server. Instead of rebooting the VM, you can simply restart Apache! Using terminal (MAC OS) or Putty (Windows), you can begin by logging into your server via ssh.

Assuming you have permissions, let's get started! It's as simple as using the service command to get the job done.